Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On Call for God

Yesterday, I fed Family Two in the Cedar Forest and then walk down The Road Between Seasons with a pack of corn. As I neared the gate to the Northern Loop I saw a medium sized coyote step out from the Northern Loop. He saw me and retreated up Canis Ridge. By the time I got to the gate, he was standing on top of the ridge between the half dead cedars and although I despise coyotes, I must say he looked rather picturesque standing on the ridge that is named after him. I lifted my camera to take a photograph of him and he disappeared off of the ridge heading west into Buck's Hangout.
I ascended Canis Ridge like I have done so many times and soaked in the simplistic majesty of her humble elevation. I looked around The Ridge, which in my mind is sacred, and appreciated the new look since her terrain was deliberately burned a few weeks ago. The blackness of the burn was still visible beneath the new growth of fresh grass, but the burnt smell was gone due to the precipitation we have had and the time that has elapsed since the burn.
Once I got to the top, I positioned my chair inside the arms of a partially living cedar and sat down facing west toward the wooded area where the big boy bucks like to gather with the members of deer Family Three. I named this wooded area, "Buck's Hangout." I watched for signs of the coyote and the deer. I was blessed to watch a doe and a yearling doe at the south end of Buck's Hangout. I called to them, "Hey Girlies, there is an IDIOTIC coyote around, stay alert!!!!! They turned and looked in my direction (to the east) as I called the message to them. They hung out for approximently two minutes and then looked quickly to the north and bolted to the south. I figured the girls detected Mr. Coyote presence. 
While I watched the activity off the west side of Canis Ridge,  I remember the first time I climbed upon this humble peak, the date was March 26, 2009. On that day my life changed forever, because this place became like holy ground to me, because I felt closer to God there than I have in any other part of Somewhere, Kansas. 
Returning on Tuesday of Holy Week was special to me to be back in this place. I didn't want to leave. I wanted to make this my destination every day in the future. However, then I remembered, that where I go from now on is not up to me, but it is up to the God who guides me in my life. He has given me a divine pager called The Holy Spirit.  My will may be for me to be on Canis Ridge everyday, because I love it so, but it may not be God's will for me. If He tells me to be there everyday, there I will be, but I don't think that will be His will for me. He likes to give me a variety of things to do,  places to go, people to meet and opportunities to witness to God's mercy, love, glory and goodness.
Case in point...
Today, I went out to see my mother at the Nursing Home around nine o'clock, she was sound asleep in her wheelchair. I thought I'd take the day for myself. However, that was not God's plan. After lunch with a friend from out-of-town, I returned so videos to the rental store. My plan (or will) was to go home and get some things done around the house and rest a bit. However, after walking out of the video rental store, I felt compelled (in other words The Holy Spirit paged me) to call the Nursing Home to see how my mom was doing. Immediately, I called and a nurse answered the phone and I asked how mom was doing. She told me she had been anxious. I asked if it would be helpful if I came out and took her for a ride in the car now? She said, she would check with the nurse caring for mom. When she returned to the phone the answer was, "Yes." I told them to get her ready and that I would be there in a few minutes.
After mom was in the car, buckled in and the door was shut, she took my hand. I looked at her and she was looking at me and she said to me, "You know, I had prayed that you would come." I smiled on the left side of my face, chuckled and said, "Yea, I got the message."We went for a ride together in the car and our destination would be... Somewhere, Kansas on the south end overlooking Territory One.
Remember, God loves white-tailed deer, but He loves you so very much more. From the outskirts of Somewhere, Kansas this is Josie Wales...The Deer Paparazza writing... Good night and ciao for now!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Time Is Now, There May Not Be Tomorrow

Me...Josie Wales watching and talking to four members of Family Two.
Photograph was taken on October 2, 2011. I was happy and enjoying my
life... things would tragically change for me just eight days later.
I have been spending time, going through a cornucopia of photographs of my life with the white-tailed deer of Somewhere, Kansas. As I look through them, memories return, emotions come and at times deep thoughts are created by the images I see from the past.

Recently, I came upon and image of myself that was taken on October 2, 2011. I was standing with four members of Family Two in front of me. Buck Hansel was in front of me (his head down) with his mother, Josie (in the background, with her head down), his twin sister, Gretel (front right with her head down), and his half sister, Raphaella (head up, looking at me). All of the four head their heads down, eating, except for the youngest deer, Raphaella. She was looking at me as I spoke to her.

Then, the realization came. Just eight days after this photograph was taken, the matriarch of this family, Josie, was killed by a disgusting poacher. Within a relatively short time after that Josie's daughter, Gretel disappeared and was never seen again (I strongly believe she was poached). Hansel was the next to disappear and I STRONGLY believe he was poached on December 13, 2011 at approx 8:30 in the morning with a high-powered rifle on the west side of Somewhere, Kansas. Finally, Raphaella, was hit with the arrow of a poacher at the end of January 2012, she survived.

The deer who had their heads bowed in the photograph are dead or missing and strongly suspected of being killed by a worthless poacher. The only deer in the photograph with her head up looking at me, is the only one alive to listen to my voice, come when I call to her and look into my eyes. My heart ached when I had this realization. On the day this photograph was taken, I never dreamed how quickly my life with these deer would change.

Then, a thought came, "The time is now, there may not be a tomorrow." So I am writing a little advice for my readers, as well as a reminder to myself. Do not assume that people, who are in your life today will be there tomorrow, because accident's, illnesses and tragedies happen every day.  I'm not writing this to be all doom and gloom, but rather to offer a word to remind those who read this blog. This photo made me realize the uncertainty of the future. On the day, the photograph was taken, everything was wonderful, I was truly happy and  enjoying with my life with the deer of Somewhere, Kansas, but with eight days EVERYTHING changed in my life with these deer.
Take time to say hi to those in your life. Take time to make a phone call to check on someone you think about, but haven't talked to in a while. Take time to write an email or an old-fashioned letter. Invite someone to lunch or for a cup of coffee, buy someone an unexpected gift. Let the people, who you care about know you care, before it is too late to do so, and you wish you had taken that little bit of time to give to them. Let them know they are special to you. Remember...the time is now, there may not be a tomorrow.

I am so thankful for all of the time I spent with and kindnesses that I showed to these creatures.  Just a little good advice from the Deer Lady of Somewhere, Kansas... Josie Wales... The Deer Paparazza+

Friday, April 11, 2014

Good Night and My Deer Screen Saver

Doe Gianna of Family Seven bedded down in the western woods.
I was approx 12 feet from her when I took this photograph. I was
talking to her at the time and she was listening to me, although her
gaze was not directed toward me.

I have had a busy day and now I am tired. I did take some time during the midday hour to escape and relax and sit in my car at the gate to The Road Between Seasons. I read and waved to people, who waved to me as they traveled up and down the eastern most road of Somewhere, Kansas.

I also was blessed to meet a very nice couple who were in the area visiting from Oklahoma. They stopped on my favorite dirt road to give their dog a rest stop. Their names are Judy and Bob. I visited with them for a while and told them about the deer... what else? ;)
I wanted to say good night in a special way to all those who read this blog. I wondered how? Then, as I sat and thought about how to do this, I glanced at my computer screen and saw my current  screen saver. I decided to let you see what I see right now when I turn on my computer. My screen saver is this photograph of my sweet doe Gianna. The photograph was taken on the west side of Somewhere, Kansas back in September 2013 in the quiet of the setting sun. Gianna is the reddest deer in Somewhere, Kansas and I am the deer lady with the reddest hair in Somewhere... we have our hair color in common.

I just saw Gianna the other day on the west side with her family member of Family Seven. She came so close to me that I said to her, "Gianna, may I give you a hug?" She gave me the strangest look and walked away. I must always remember to control my emotions when dealing with true royalty. They don't care for public displays of affection. I forgot about that.
 Remember God loves white-tailed deer, but He loves you so very much more. From the outskirts of Somewhere, Kansas... this is Josie Wales...The Deer Paparazza writing...Good night all and my your dreams be deerlightful!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life Growing Inside and Waiting to Give Birth

Bella coming down a deer trail in the tall grass prairie
when I called to her. I found this photo of her, while
working on my photographs and writing... this has
always been a favorite photograph of mine.
Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the Lord your God. 1 Chronicles 22:19

Lately, I have been thinking about her more than any other deer. She was the deer, who had the greatest impact on me over all the years with the deer. She was the white-tailed spark that God used to start my deer passion. She was killed over two years ago, but I find that for some reason, I miss her right now more than I did after she left this earth. I named her Bella. 
I ask myself why? Why now, do I miss her so? It has been so long she left this world and yet I miss her now so VERY much now. Why? And then the answer came. It is April. This was this time of the year, when I often started missing her. As her fawn(s) grew inside of her and her abdominal girth widened, she always became more and more reclusive. She became more and more mysterious. I got a glimpse of her on the rare occasion during April and May, but the glimpses were very, very rare. When I saw her, I remember how much more beautiful she was during this time, she seemed radiant. Perhaps, because of the life, which was growing inside of her.

However, every year, while I studied her, she would vanish in April and I would not really spend time with  her again, until she unveiled her new freckled babes to me. This was the time of the year when I missed her most and even though she is no longer walking the deer trails of Somewhere, Kansas, I find that I am still missing her in this month.

Honestly, I never understood, why Bella desired the more reclusive life, during that time of her life. However, with time and the varying seasons of one's life, I do understand now.

You see, the new life was growing inside of Bella, in the form of the next generation of white-tailed deer. She needed that time away from her regular activities, in order to allow it to grow and to get ready for the give birth to this new life. All that she did was for the goal of bringing forth that new life.

Right now,  I too, am living a more reclusive life, a more simplified life. I feel that something is growing inside of me, in the spiritual sense. God has given me glimpses of what it is, but still not completely clear, so I take one day at a time.

I spend  much time alone, sometimes at home, sometimes at church  or other quiet places. I also find myself being most drawn to the beginning of a dirt road in Somewhere, Kansas. Years ago, it seems I named this road correctly, I christened it "The Road Between Seasons."

I sit in my car at the eastern entrance to The Road Between Seasons, parked by the large, closed and locked gate to this dirt road  and I  pray, read, write, work, talk to people, who may pass by.  And of course, I wait. I wait for God to open the locked gate, so that the life, which  is growing inside of me can be given birth to and thrive.

I have been in this situation before a few times in my life over the last ten years, I know what is happening and I am not afraid, but rather excited to see what life God will bring forth and the next mission I will be sent. All I know is that I love Jesus and I trust Him.

Good night all! You are in my prayers in a special way. I wish you all the sweetest of dreams. With much Christian love, Josie Wales :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Poacher News, Recent Theft...

On Sunday, March 31st, I was driving past the eastern gate on The Road Between Seasons around noon. I saw the gate was open. This did not alarm me, because sometime, the police get calls and open the gate and drive back. However... later that evening, on my drive home from the the nursing home, I drove past the same gate again and it was open. Now, I was concerned. I saw that the chain had been broken. I drove down the dirt road and discovered that the gate to the Northern Loop was open and the lock was cut.
I dialed the number I have dialed so many times... 911. I asked for an police officer to be sent, because I had concerns about the situation. A short time later and officer was sent and I informed her about the situation  and requested that she make sure the gates were locked, because I was concerned about the deer. She cares very much for the deer, but she wasn't sure if she could get the gates locked on a weekend.
The next morning, I went to check to see if the gates were locked before notifying the proper people. I saw the eastern gate was locked. I parked my car and walked down to the gate of The Northern Loop and found that it too had been locked. I was relieved and thankful that the officer took the extra time to secure the gates. This story will conclude later, but meanwhile...
Today, I went to sit in "my office" (the Deer Mobile) at the gate to The Road Between Seasons and do some work, phone calls, writing and reading. I had gone into the Cedar Forest to check on Family Two. When I came out a vehicle pulled up with two people  I know were in it. They are two people who help take care of Somewhere, Kansas.

We talked about the deer in general and the deer poachings. I told them what I knew about and they told me what they knew about, it was a very informative time for all of us. In the exchange, I was told that not one, but two poacher's were arrested last year. One was caught with a bow and arrow (I was aware of this arrest) and a second was caught with a rifle, (but this one I was unaware of). This information made me VERY happy.
In 2012, one poacher (GUTLESS wonder) was arrested. In 2013, two vile idiot poachers were arrested. I like the way these statistics are going. I informed the men about the recent buck who was just found with an arrow in it's back on April 1, 2014 on the south end. They were disgusted to hear this, I was sad to have to inform them of it. I also informed them about being in the company of a yearling buck with an arrow in his right hind quarter one evening in February. They sighed and shook their heads.
Then, they informed  that there the two gates were pushed open recently by a vehicle and property was stolen in The Northern Loop. I was glad to know that I did call  911 to have the situation checked on. It was not a situation about the deer poaching, but there was a crime committed.
I later returned to Somewhere, Kansas to walk down The Road Between Seasons. As I strolled down it, I thought about the fact that two poachers were arrested last year and my smile was BIG and brilliant and I was giggling at times.
I called  my closest friends and family, who I knew would rejoice at the news of the arrests.  I thought about the fact that the freckled babes are growing inside the doe's wombs, a new generation arising. Somewhere, Kansas is  the bland landscape is becoming more colorful. Yes, I was smiling and giggling and full of gratitude and joy. Thank you Jesus for these victories over evil.
Also, I still am out and about in the old Deer Mobile, but I have a new vehicle now, which I also drive around Somewhere, Kansas, but NOT on the dirt roads, she is not the dirt road type of vehicle ;). I look forward to getting much work done in my "new office."
From the outskirts of Somewhere, Kansas, this is Josie Wales writing... remember God loves white-tailed deer, but He loves you so very much more...Ciao for now...